Rodent Control

American Exterminator Company provides rodent control services that help to eliminate Mice and Rats from your home. Our pest control company is able to get to the bottom of your rodent problems including sealing up entry points and pointing out the weak areas of your home that need to be addressed to keep rodents out. When you contact us, we will do a full inspection of your home determine where rodents are entering and nesting in and around your home.
Fat Rodent — Rodent Control in Corona, CA

Taking Care of Your Home

Keeping your property clutter free around the exterior and keeping bushes and trees trimmed back away from home will keep rodents from using your house as a nesting area, which can give them the time to find ways into your living spaces.

Attic Restorations

Rodents can cause havoc in your home and especially in the attic and we are here to help provide completed attic restorations. We can help eliminate the rodents by repairing the exclusion areas, removing insulation, disinfecting and replacement of insulation. Call for your inspection today.